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Running your own business is hugely rewarding but can take up a lot of time. Keeping up to date books and records and submitting year end returns may not be a priority in terms of your time; engaging an accountant to assist you with your business may be something you have not previously considered. 
You are not obliged to have a professional advisor but engaging one can not only be beneficial in terms of workload reduction and guidance but may also be cost effective to ensure you keep on top of the compliance, minimise exposure to interest and penalties and ensure all income and expenses are correctly recorded and claimed. 
Timely information is vital to assist cash flow and keeping on top of when payments should be made as well as helping ensure that the funds are retained for future costs and taxes. 
Please click on the relavent link below or call us on 0161 998 8668 to see how we can help your business run more effectively and keep unnecessary costs down. 
"Not only has the service been accurate, seamless and of a high quality, our relationship is a very human one where things can be talked about in a relaxed and helpful way. I cannot speak too highly of the service we receive and would recommend their services to other businesses". 
Paul | Bury 

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